Beautiful People 

    May you be sincerely blessed for this music that you have brought to us... This is going to sound almost unbelievable, but this music healed me from PTSD and traumatic emotional experiences.  I have listened to it for the past two years every night and I fall asleep to it.  When I wake up my wife and I feel refreshed - ready for the day with a calm mind.  I honestly accredit this music to be the answer and healing I needed ... 6 months off doctor's medicine .. still listening to this music and it…

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Mockingbird in Eureka 

The travel was a bit much as I am recovering form pancreatitis. 

I've arrived at 3:45 in the morning to a sleeping house. 

I could have slept somewhere and made a decent arrival but I was so excited to being with Bluestar I drove 24 hours. 

Hugs and kisses welcomed me as they awoke 

Now to release my music I must find a place to play

guide me spirit

guide me

Center of the Universe 

It's been a very cold winter and I am afraid were not all out yet but I must say, you may enjoy it with a visit to beautiful Sedona Arizona.

I am very happy to be back and performing here as it is my joy and meditation which I am very happy to share in person or with my recording.

I am now performing live at Tlaquepaque and the Cayon Breeze in the Uptown area. These are the two places where you may find me if not at your wedding, dinner party or special event. I also make appearances at the tasty…

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Poem by Rolland G. Smith 

I am honored to be apart of this night.

April 6th at the Sedona Creative Life Center.

This is a beautiful Poem.


The Diné 

Hear clear the tones of cedar flow,

Reminding us from place afar,

A gift of art from Navaho,

a sea of sound — a reservoir. 

Soft breathy notes pushed from the wood

with airy tones in triple trill,

a calling tune to brotherhood

that bathes the heart when all is still. 

Listen to it call the eagle,

the bear, the deer and buffalo,

brothers of the kingdoms regal,

sister spirits of long…

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Flute Music of Native America in Uptown Sedona Az. 

Hello everyone, We are upon a blessed New Year and I wish you all may blessings for you, your families, and your love's.

I am back performing the Native American Flute in Uptown Sedona of Arizona.

If your in the area and love flute music, please don't hesitate to stop and visit.

I hope to see you soon.


~K. Mockingbird 

A Midsummer Night's Dream 

I very excited on being a part of this beautiful production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, having Michael Walling from London England direct this with a twist. The cast and production is top notch. I have been very inspiried and I am learning. This too is culture. I wish all may attend to view this for there is no recordings to see later. The Show begin on the 10th of July with having the opening show on the 12th and ending on the 24th of August. We have been working very hard in the…

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~Live and Let Live~ 

~ I have been reminded of life and death all thru this wonderful ever changing time. The season's thru it's cycle and of course love one's whome have encouraged us of becoming who we are and showing us thru preyers and stories of who we may become. But I have to except as well the unbalanced of the one's whome have been taken away from us by the hands and words of others or of their own, I only wish the beauty and patience to all, If we may all live in Harmony and share this love, the ultament love of…

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The Red Path 

This is my new entry of the year. Well I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I had a wonderful holiday and was very happy to see my parents and Tasia my little Butterfly neice. She has soo much love to give its wonderful to be around her. Well Lisa and I went to the Verde Hot Springs for the New Year and returned on the 1st. everything seemed different. The reminder of ever changing time crept upon me again So I am calling my contacts and well be performing live here in Sedona at various…

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