Nil chi ( Spirit Wind )

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Seven beautiful orchestrated songs in honor of the wonderful gift of life through the philosophy of the Dineh people... It is said that the White Wind entered from the East, and the Blue Wind from the South. The Yellow Wind entered from West, and the Black Wind from the North, entering the body leaving spiral prints of entrance on the left and right Hands, Feet, and the top of the Head, bringing the Spirit, the Breath, Thought, Sight, Speech, and Consciousness. Awakening all the senses and the seven points within us. Beauty Before, Beauty Behind, Beauty Besides, Beauty Above, and Beauty Below. Therefore Beauty must be within. The Seven Sacred Directions of the Dineh People. Native American Flutes, Acoustic Guitar, Chants, and Percussions by K. Mockingbird. Cello and Upright Bass by Matt Sarnoski, Drums and Percussion by Sam Neally. Total Time 53:22 _

Moons of Meditation

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Recorded and released in 2006, Grammy Nominee, K. Mockingbird performs the Triditional Native American Flute releasing a 4 song album, Moons of Meditaiton, in honor of the Lunar cycle's and the four points of the seasonal change's. The Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice. Four Solo Flute Meditation Songs in Lengths of 13 to 17 mins. In Honor of the Seasons of the Moon and the Earth Mother. Inspiried by the ever changing beauty of the Skies and the poetry of the preyer's and songs of the Dineh. Total time 63:57 _

A Simple Man

The 6th recording of my band Burning Sky. with guest artist Martha Redbone. _ album cover

Spirits in The Wind

Grammy Nominated recording for Best Native American Album featuring K. Mockingbird on Dineh Flute with John Densmore of the Doors on Drums and Aaron White on acoustic guitar. _ album cover

Enter the Earth

The fourth addition to the Burning Sky saga. Recorded at a wonderful studio called Vintage Records and engineered by a pair of ears on the head of Billy Moss who is a Master wizard of recording. a must have upon creatures of vision and imagination. _ Not yet avilable for Order


This has been recorded in honor of Fire Spirit, Earth Spirit, Wind Spirit, and Rain Spirit. The four elements which has sustained the five fingered from the beginning of creation. _ album cover

Blood of the Land

Great instrumental music by Aaron White on guitar, Micheal Bannister on Drums, and K. Mockingbird on the Dineh Flute with a cover vocal track, Indian Wars, written by Bruce Cockburn. _ album cover

Burning Sky

The first album that started it all. Be careful while listening to this album, you may find your self back in the South West picking pinenuts. Flute, Didjiredo by K. Mockingbird Acoustic Guitar by Aaron White Drums and Percussion by Micheal Bannister _ album cover